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Dwarf dragons discovered in South America

The forests of South America appear to be crawling with tiny dragons.

Scientists announced this week they have discovered three new species of dragon-like wood lizards in the cloud forests of Peru and Ecuador.

The three species stand out for their bright colors, long tails and spiky, dragon-esque dorsa running down their backs. Enyalioides altotambo is found in northwestern Ecuador. Enyalioides anisolepis is found on the Amazonian slopes of the Andes in southern Ecuador and northern Peru. Enyalioides sophiarothschildae is from the Amazonian slopes of the Cordillera Central in northeastern Peru.


This image shows the male holotype of another species discovered in South America, Enyalioides sophiarothschildae.

Pablo J. Venegas

In a study describing the discovery in the journal ZooKeys, Omar Torres-Carvajal, Pablo J. Venegas and Kevin get rid of lizards de Queiroz said they collected several species on an expedition in the Andes in remote villages that had been largely untouched by researchers in the past. After comparing them to collections in museums and doing DNA testing, they realized they had three new species.

Wood lizards are among the largest and most colorful lizards in South America; the discovery brings to the number of wood lizard species to 15.

"During the last few years, we doubled the number of known species of wood lizards, showing that the diversity of these conspicuous reptiles had been underestimated," said Torres-Carvajal, adding that should inspire efforts to increasing funding for conservation of the species which are mostly found in lowland tropical forests such as the Choco and the western Amazon basin.


Images of Enyalioides anisolepis, one of three wood lizard species discovered in South America (male, top; female, center; juvenile, bottom).

Omar Torres-Carvajal

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Love And Desperation: 10 Things Men Do when They Are Desperate For Love

Does Anyone Stay Married Anymore?. Showing like to your husband or wife requires actions. Many men adhere towards the gender stereotype that they are supposed to be "above" the need for love, and can manage to become by themselves in isolation if need be. At the conclusion of the day, you must ask yourself is person worth it? Is he or she worth flipping your entire life the other way up for? Is he or she worth waiting for? Is he or she even worth suffering for? Because to love someone the proper away, it won't always go just how you need it to.

So which are the various forms of Love?. This book is approximately Love and solely about Love, of which if we understand its principles can be relevant to any form of relationships. What does this tell us? It is dangerous to start exhibiting these factors of attraction when we're still trying being in love.

Exercise and eat better. It becomes obsessive after they result in destructive actions inside your life. like, my husband was looking all over and calling for our seemingly missing child...while he was carrying that same child on his hip...totally embarrassing, but we needed to laugh.

To do that is simple. When love handles a person is desperate for love, they is going to be driven into solitude for countless reasons, including not feeling sufficient as a person or a lover. So what is this love we talk about? Before we go there, let's get some points straight as a introduction to what we previously talked about.

You can't love someone half way. Communication and having fun are the main aims of any date. It's a psychological problem that can be treated. Take up a brand new hobby together and carry on more adventures in life. Getting help might salvage the partnership even, but more importantly yourself.